Welcome to B18 Animation Studio

We are professional animators and create amazing videos that explain brands, services, product in a small amount of time catching the viewer's attention, creating an emotional impact and leaving him with a call to action he cannot forget. We provide almost all the styles of animation like 2D, 3D, Motion Graphics, White Board Animation, Stop-Motion, Infographics etc. to help our clients communicate their message to target audience.

What is an explainer video ?

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words! Thus a video is probably worth a million words!

Modern day marketers have understood this well and most business propositions are now conveyed through 'Explainer Videos' instead of lengthy descriptions or complex tabulated formats.

An 'Explainer Video' can effectively communicate your business or product proposition in typically less than three minutes.

An animated video that is crisp, precise and easy to understand for its viewer is what we strive to deliver.

Call us or write to us and we will ensure that you're addressing your target segment in the least possible cost.

How we Work

Creating animated explainer videos is almost like making a movie!

First and foremost, it begins with a Producer You!

Our Script Writer will narrate and polish your story with the right plot and characters. The Story Boarding Artist will create the complete story by sketching each frame on a drawing paper. The Illustrator will convert these sketches to digital graphics . The Voice Over Artist will land just the right pitch, tone and the vocals. The Director i.e the Animator will collect all the pieces of brilliance and add life to it by way of motion and sound effects. Finally, it would be edited and fine-tuned to perfection.

Your block buster movie is ready for the release!


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